The dialect

These are the common phrases you will hear Swadlincote residents say:

Swad saying

Proper English

Sit yer sen dairnPlease take a seat
Yo enna fegorrit, en yaYou have not forgotten it, have you
Wey'z gooin fer uz dinnersWe are all going to have lunch
Am bostin furra fagI really need a cigarette
Ay owny ed aif a birrerHe only had a half pint of bitter
Tinna izznIt does not belong to him
It wunna wokIt will not work
En ya frit?Are you frightened?
It's jus Yo an meyIt is just you and me
Ay canna comHe cannot come
En yuh on yuh ownAre you on your own
It's nowt te dow wi meyIt is not anything to do with me
It's gerrin black ower Bill's motha'sIt looks like heavy rain
Am gooin womI am going home
An gorra bad yedI have a pain in my head
Alom didna wokThe alarm did not work
I enna got noneI have not got any
Er wit yeller at onThe lady in the yellow hat
Is it izenDoes it belong to him
Wosup wi yoWhat is the matter
It enna raitThat is not right
Gizz ayf on itCould I have half of it
A wik a ToosdeeA week on Tuesday
It's tonnin tu reen It is starting to rain
It wonna may misterIt was not me sir
I enna dun nowtI have not done anything
Ay nayled on a neelHe kneeled on a nail
Owd yer ossesStop what you are doing
It inna woth nowtIt is not worth anything
Int it otIt is very warm today

 Put yer coot on

 Put your coat on

Trays and waiter

 Trees and water

 Aup me duck

 Hello there